Chateauneuf-du-Pâpe Roc-Epine


Grape Varieties : grenache 80%, syrah 10%, mourvèdre 10%.

The soil : It's stony for one parcel of land, sandy on ochre and pebbly terraces for the another parcel of land.

The climate : It's temperate, Mediterranean and very windy, CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE is situated in the Rhône's Valley. Very little rain. Sun : an average of 2700 hours per year.

Average age of the vines : 60 years.

The harvest : The grapes are picked by hand with the intention of quality. They are sorted out by the harvester and they arrive undamaged at the winery avoiding oxydation. Besides, the handpicking protects the good condition and the future of the vineyard.

Wine making process and the aging : Grapes are wholly destemmed. Long fermenting : 21 days to obtain supple and well present tannins. The pressing, end of fermenting and conservation in stainless steel tank until the first racking process. Then, the wine is aged in new barrels (half in strong heating + half in less strong heating) from January to October for the 20% constitued by syrah and mourvedre, to soften the tannins, to oxigenate the wine and to bring a touch of vanilla which will blend with the structure of grenache always in stainless-steel . The bottling is around January. From this moment, the harmonious blending between the structure of the wine and the aging in barrels brings a good balance which is going to improve for a few years.

The bouquet : Powerful and well-constituted wine, a strong ruby colour with a purple tinge. It gives a complex nose of cinnamon, cooked fruits and morello cherry. After a rich and firm attack, the mouth expresses vanilla and pepery aromas which persist to the final.

It's a supple and rich wine with a very good length in mouth. The dominant grenache assure the « typicité CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE ».

CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE red Domaine LAFOND Roc-Epine will improve during 5 to 10 years in a good cellar according to the vintages.

PRESERVATION : Wine like to be preserved in a dark place, with a constant temperature and hygrometry. Coolness and height are its friends. For optimal conditions or preservation, we recommend your to keep your bottles between 16° and 18° C and between 50 and 70% of humidity.

To accompany : Filets of red mullet in basil with baby vegetables sautéed in olive oil, Noisettes of lamb in parsley spelt with dried fruit and thyme sauce,  Salmis of duck…..


There are little variations of climate in our area, the sun is constant every year, so the quality is the same from a vintage to the other.